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Design your life the way you want it

This story is about design. Designing your life the way you want it. This is a story of a day in a life that I am designing. Some of it I already do and some I am still aspiring to. Go deep within as you read and ask yourself what your ideal day looks like.  […]

What is a ‘freedom lifestyle’ and why would you want one?

‘Freedom lifestyle’, what does ‘freedom lifestyle’ even mean? This is a term I wasn’t even familiar with until a few years ago but even then I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me. Too many limiting self-beliefs. Freedom lifestyle is for ‘other’ people, braver, smarter, cleverer people who know exactly what they want. […]

How to feed your creativity

We all have dreams. We all face challenges that hold us back from achieving those dreams. Avoidance is a human trait many of us are fabulous at but avoidance doesn’t help us achieve our dreams. Your life will be better if you take action on the things you avoid There a three challenges I face […]

Breakfast or no breakfast? And an easy survey

As a curious person I am intrigued by people. What they eat, how they spend their time and money. How kind they are to themselves. How they treat others. People are so interesting. In my work as a lifestyle coach I am amazed at how different we are. Such individuals! My question is do you […]

How to give your immune system some love with this easy drink

We all have a time in our lives where we feel below par. For many reasons our sleep gets compromised, we forget about ourselves and become overly busy. Mostly, we know what to do in these times but doing it is not always easy. We have the knowledge but we need to turn it into action. […]

Lessons in moving outside your comfort zone and finding magic

The landscape is vast and gently undulating, rugged red rocks dotted with lime green spinifex that looks soft, though in reality is spiky, unpleasant to brush past or worse still, to fall on. As is the experience of an intrepid mountain biker, whose journey on two wheels began in the Karratha hills. Hills that appear […]

How NOT to feel guilty about putting yourself first

Feeling guilty about putting your needs above others is a really common problem. And not just for women. Some people are fabulous at putting themselves first. Lots and lots of people, are not! No guilt is necessary. I’m giving you permission to move your way up the ladder and prioritise you. The more you do, […]

13 ways to make meditation happen in your life, every single day

You’ve heard it all before. A regular meditation practice makes a big difference to your life. Research proves it. Committing to meditation regularly can be a monumental challenge. Here’s 13 ways to get you there. To a regular meditation practice that will make YOU calmer, more focussed and happier too. Choose a time that will […]