Reasons to choose for online access to yoga and meditation wherever you may be


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Want to start a yoga practice in the comfort of your own home, where you can choose your teacher and how much time you have for a class? Want easy to access guided meditation, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour to meditate? is an online resource that is more than just yoga and meditation.

Your investment in is under $20US a month. This gives you access to hundreds of classes, over 30 teachers, more than 7 yoga styles and a multitude of levels to choose from.You filter as much as you like. Your level, how long you want your class to be, what style you want, your favourite teacher, pick a body part, select a focus and even choose if you want music or no music.

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Let’s explore visually and highlight the features you’ll find when you subscribe.


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Choose your class level from 5 options. Want to see where yoga can take you? Check out what they get up to in a level 3 class.

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This is the best bit. In a hurry or got heaps of time on your hands, there’s a class for you. Choose between 5 and 120 minutes.


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New to yoga, explore 7 different styles. You can go ‘Beyond the Mat’ and listen to a lecture on a myriad of different topics. You can solely do guided meditation.


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Find your favourite teacher. We all have favourites that we resonate with. Your favourite may not be your friends favourite. That doesn’t matter when you are customising a class just for you.


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Got a body part that needs attention. There’s a class for that. Shoulders need attention? You’re in luck. 32 body parts to get working on.


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Now to choose your focus. Evening, breath, energy or beginner? 35 different areas to focus on. No boredom or repetition here. Unless you want repetition.


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Your classes are recorded and you can go back to your favourites over and over. If you so please.


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Just want to meditate? There are hundreds of guided meditations to choose from and my main reason for subscribing to


Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.41.07 pm even records your efforts for you. You can look back over a week, month or year to see what you got up to.


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Subscribing to has many benefits. It changed my life in such a positive way. Meditations for grief helped me immensely after losing 2 people closest to my heart in less than a year.

Living in a remote community means that access to real, live classes are hit and miss and very transient. Find someone you like and they move on.

The downside is that a hone practice requires motivation, more so than attending a class. Choosing a regular time for your practice and scheduling it is much more likely to make it happen. Stick at it consistently and the benefits will be worth all the effort.


I’m a big fan of You can make  it work for you too. It could be life-changing, like it has for me.

What online sources do you use for yoga and/or meditation? What benefits has this given you emotionally and/or physically?









How NOT to feel guilty about putting yourself first


Feeling guilty about putting your needs above others is a really common problem. And not just for women. Some people are fabulous at putting themselves first. Lots and lots of people, are not!

No guilt is necessary. I’m giving you permission to move your way up the ladder and prioritise you. The more you do, the more you’ll have to give.

When you prioritise others over your own needs your energy gets depleted. This doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years before one day you wake up and notice that there’s nothing left to give. Let’s not allow it to get to that.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s imperative.

Generations in western culture have taught us that putting ourselves first is selfish. That we must look after others and put their needs first because that’s just what you do. That’s how I was raised. I have learnt over time, that putting yourself first does not turn you into a selfish person.

Let me tell you my Mum’s story and see if you can relate. My Mum always, always, always did things for others and put her needs way down the priority list. Mum worked part-time as a remedial teacher, giving everything to her students and their parents. On top of that, Mum worked as a volunteer and this took up most of her spare time. Mum raised 3 daughters and had 5 grandaughters before she literally, dropped dead one day. Mum had a stroke at home at 69 and did not survive.

Since that day, I’ve reflected on Mum’s life and my own. I was going down exactly the same path. Volunteering for umpteen things (because no-one else would), working as an entrepreneur and raising 2 daughters. After years of life coaching and counselling, it still hadn’t sunk in. My business coach had to be blatant about how I was spending my time and suggest it couldn’t go on without fallout of some kind.

‘You are not God, you cannot create time’ my business coach said.

I had no time to work on my businesses, let alone myself because I was filling it with things that put my own needs way down the heir-achy. Committees, board chairman, volunteer coach, school council. If I didn’t do it, who would? And if I said no I felt guilty!

Learning from experience I know how important it is to nourish YOU. You are the only one responsible for how you spend your time.

Change doesn’t happen overnight so you need to be patient. You will be rewarded.

I took a year off all voluntary activities. It didn’t mean forever. Well that’s what my coach insisted, in order to convince me. And I am so thankful he did. It made me reassess what was working and what wasn’t. What I enjoyed doing and what I didn’t. What drained my energy and what gave me energy.

Have a think about what you are doing that you don’t really enjoy but feel like you ‘should’? There will always be things we ‘have’ to do, but if we have a choice we must choose for our wellbeing. Not for someone else’s agenda.

What’s really imperative is leaving time to schedule in time for the ‘urgent, not important’ stuff. And time for ‘being’ not ‘doing’.

Making time for having FUN every day is highly recommended.

An interesting exercise to get a real idea of how much time is available in your week, is to draft a calendar of what fills your time, including sleep. This is a great way to realise that your expectations may be too high. I recommend doing this for your real week and then for your ideal week and see what they look like, side by side.

Use Google calendar and highlight different departments of your life with different colours.

If paper is your thing, get some colour happening. I love paper but have found having an online calendar really effective and always on hand. It’s less labour intensive too.

The ‘how you fill your time exercise’ is really practical for lot’s of reasons. It helps with saying no without guilt, when you realise how precious your time is. For some reason our brain is really good at telling us we can do it all. We can, but the price is high and the long-term health implications are massive.

Putting yourself first is not selfish. It really is self-care.

Self-care is the best way to reduce stress in your life. Look after you and you will be a hundred times more able to give to others. It starts with saying no. Saying no to the stuff you really don’t want to do, but that voice in your head tells you that you ‘should’.

Saying no helps other people grow.

Instead of thinking, I can’t let that person down by saying no, turn your thinking around. Say no and see what happens. It takes practice and I recommend baby steps, but I promise you that the world will keep spinning.

A friend suggested that men don’t have a problem saying no without feeling guilty. Perhaps there are more men than woman that put themselves first but a lot of men have a dilemma with this too.

I’d love to hear from you with your stories. Have you had an epiphany moment where you realised something had to give or disaster would happen? What has happened when you said yes but you really wanted to say no?

Sharing your thoughts will help me help others and bring less chaos to this world we live in. And wouldn’t that be fabulous!




13 ways to make meditation happen in your life, every single day

You’ve heard it all before. A regular meditation practice makes a big difference to your life. Research proves it. Committing to meditation regularly can be a monumental challenge.

Here’s 13 ways to get you there. To a regular meditation practice that will make YOU calmer, more focussed and happier too.

  1. Choose a time that will work every day and become a habit This set time can be on waking, before breakfast, at a set time (on the clock) each day e.g. 7am, 30 minutes before bed, at the end of your yoga practice or daily exercise routine.
  2. Get up ten minutes earlier and meditate on rising  It might seem a bit weird to wake up and then close your eyes again but it is a fabulous way to start the day. The positive impact it can have on your day makes every effort worth it.
  3. Find a form of meditation that is right for you  This is super important. What works for your mate may not resonate with you. It needs to be enjoyable so that you are motivated to do it daily. Guided meditations are a great way to start.
  4. Download an App like Headspace     Having an App that is easy to use such as Headspace means you are more likely to ‘just do it’.
  5. Subscribe to a site like Yogaglo with a monthly fee     Often when we pay for stuff we are more likely to use it, especially if it’s an ongoing subscription. You can use Yogaglo for a trial period before signing up monthly. Searching for a mediation is easy and fun. Choose your time (5 – 60 minutes), your teacher, your style and off you go.
  6. Use the free trial period on Yogaglo to learn how to meditate   Yogaglo has beginner series for meditation and different styles too.
  7. Set up a space that is your sacred zone   If you have a set space for your meditation practice it can be your ‘go to’ and you are more likely to make a regular practice happen. It could be a chair in the corner of your bedroom or a cushion somewhere.
  8. Be aware that meditation can be done anywhere   Sure it’s ideal to have a beautifully quiet sanctuary for your regular practice of meditation but in no way is it essential. Using headphones if you’re doing a guided meditation can work if you can’t escape noise.
  9.  Find a meditation centre for learning how to meditate   Jump online and search the internet for somewhere you can go to learn meditation face to face or an online course if there isn’t any other option.
  10.  Make a list of your excuses, reasons why you think you can’t meditate daily     Do this and then list the things you can do to negate those excuses.
  11.  Join a daily meditation challenge to hold you accountable Google ‘daily meditation challenge‘ and find one that clicks with you.
  12.  Get a friend to join you on your daily meditation challenge and set yourselves a reward for achieving a set number of days.
  13.  Set a reminder in your phone for your daily meditation practice and treat it like a very important meeting that cannot be cancelled.

Habits take practice and practice makes perfect! Once you’ve found a style of practice you like schedule it in your calendar and JUST MEDITATE!

You can read about letting go of fear of meditation here. And read the reasons why you need to meditate here.


Things you need more of and how to make them happen in your life

Fun pic

You know you want and need more fun in your life. When the fun stuff does happen it’s so awesome that you vow you will make time for more of it but you don’t seem to be making it happen.

Days turn into weeks, then months, then years and you wonder where your time goes. Don’t want to be one of those people that always complains about not having enough time? ‘I can’t believe where time goes’ will always be in your vocab until you make some changes.

Change doesn’t just happen. Change happens in small steps.

Absolutely – you can dream big and aim high, just start with small changes. Research gurus have proved that writing things down means you are 80% more likely to get them done. That’s massive. Eighty percent more likely to get stuff done if you write it down! That’s an 8 in 10 chance.

Find a system that works for you and get writing;

  • a hand written diary
  • an online calendar
  • a bit of both
  • a notebook
  • whatever system works for YOU

Schedule time to schedule! Sounds a bit weird but if you don’t do it, the things that you want more of in your life won’t happen and I know you want more. You really want change but everything seems to stay the same. Time after time.

‘If nothing changes, nothing will change.’

Take a moment (put the timer on for 5 minutes) to write a list of what the fun stuff is in your world. What you want more of. Make it handy and easy to access. Notes on your phone/ front of your diary/ a list on your desk. Look at it often!

Now you know what you want more of – make time for it in your schedule. I can pretty much guarantee this will make you

  • Happier
  • Super productive to smash that ‘to-do’ list (schedule that too)
  • A heap of fun to be around
  • More relaxed and chilled
  • Healthier
  • A seeker of adventure

You’ll be left with an awesome sense of achievement at the end of each day. AND at the beginning of the day you’ll have something to look forward to. EVERY day.

Here’s some examples of a ‘fun stuff’ list;


Listen to a comedy show/Podcast

Bike ride (this is the top of my list)

Dance to a fave song

Sing out loud

Fix something broken


Write to/text someone you love

Spend quality time with a tribe member

Date with self


Do 10 star jumps

Practice headstands

Watch the sunrise/sunset

Connect with nature


Watch a movie

Go on a picnic

Read an awesome book


Have a list of ten minute things and a list of things that take longer. The benefits are amazing! Start now, not next monday or after ‘this’ or ‘that’ happens. NOW is the time and you can do it.

Add your ‘fun’ stuff to the list above in the comments below and let’s get the ‘ripple effect’ happening.

And then, get scheduling. It’s profoundly life changing.

Why you need to stop and ‘Pause for Applause’

irises with waterdops

When was the last time you stopped and celebrated all the things you have achieved. In a day, week, month or even year?

It’s ok not to be doing all the time. Really. Truly. OK. It’s ok to get to the end of the day without ticking all the boxes on your to do list.

Let me share with you the importance of Pausing for Applause. This modern life can be really crazy, if you let it. You are in control and you need to say no to the stuff you want less of in your life. This means you make space to say YES to the stuff you want more of. Fact.

Pausing for Applause is a term I learnt from my fabulous Business Coach @ Zest e-Biz. At the beginning of each session we would sit together and Kylah would ask me what went well. Most times, I would rock up my headspace filled with all the things I DIDN’T do. What a great way NOT to start a session. My Pause for Applause list blew me away EVERY time.

Without thinking about it, it’s (sadly) natural to focus on the negative. With a little bit of effort, celebrating what you do well can easily be achieved and it is life changing. It seriously is!

Coming to terms with your self-expectation levels is another do-able thing. My coach recently got me to fill in a calendar (I use Google Calendar) with what my week looks like. Then to do another one with my ideal week. We then worked on what needs to go.

What can you let go of? Sure, there’s some things you don’t enjoy that it’s not possible to let go of but there is always something you can.

Applaud yourself often. Once a day at the very least. Set a timer on your phone and/or a date in your calendar to stop and celebrate your successes. Including the little things.

Here is a sample list for you. Get creative :-


     Nourished my body with nutritious food

     Gave self permission to live the 80/20 rule with what I eat (every day food vs sometimes food)

     Spent quality time with peops that lift me up

     Took time out (even just for ten minutes – less is ok too)


     Gave self permission to do nothing

     Got up when alarm went off (no snooze)!

     Moved my body with exercise

     Survived the day (sometimes this is a major achievement)

     Had a difficult conversation

     Practised being mindful


     Loved x

The things you can put on your list are endless. Writing them down in a journal has the biggest impact. Have a notepad and pen by your bed and make it the last thing you do before you are horizontal. Make it a habit and the benefits will be a whole lot of awesome.

Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward

If daily ‘Pausing for Applause’ seems too much of a challenge right now make it weekly. Zest e-Biz post weekly Pause for Applause shout outs on Facebook. A ‘what are you most proud of achieving this week’ post. Check Zest e-Biz out on FB here.

In the Lifestyle coaching sessions I deliver, we start the session with a ‘Pause for Applause’ because I loved doing this so much myself. We go through what you achieved since your last session. My clients will often come into the room and the first thing they say is ‘I haven’t done much since our last session’ just as I did. Once we go through the list of things they have achieved they are really surprised.

Focus on the good things and remember that everything happens when it’s meant to. Trust!

Next time you find yourself thinking that your ‘To Do’ list is never ending and you feel that you never achieve anything, take some time out and PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE. Because you are amazing and you are enough just as you are.

I’d love you to share 3 Pauses for Applause in the last week. Let’s create a ripple effect through sharing some inspiration. Easy peasy.