You’ve heard it all before. A regular meditation practice makes a big difference to your life. Research proves it. Committing to meditation regularly can be a monumental challenge.

Here’s 13 ways to get you there. To a regular meditation practice that will make YOU calmer, more focussed and happier too.

  1. Choose a time that will work every day and become a habit This set time can be on waking, before breakfast, at a set time (on the clock) each day e.g. 7am, 30 minutes before bed, at the end of your yoga practice or daily exercise routine.
  2. Get up ten minutes earlier and meditate on rising  It might seem a bit weird to wake up and then close your eyes again but it is a fabulous way to start the day. The positive impact it can have on your day makes every effort worth it.
  3. Find a form of meditation that is right for you  This is super important. What works for your mate may not resonate with you. It needs to be enjoyable so that you are motivated to do it daily. Guided meditations are a great way to start.
  4. Download an App like Headspace     Having an App that is easy to use such as Headspace means you are more likely to ‘just do it’.
  5. Subscribe to a site like Yogaglo with a monthly fee     Often when we pay for stuff we are more likely to use it, especially if it’s an ongoing subscription. You can use Yogaglo for a trial period before signing up monthly. Searching for a mediation is easy and fun. Choose your time (5 – 60 minutes), your teacher, your style and off you go.
  6. Use the free trial period on Yogaglo to learn how to meditate   Yogaglo has beginner series for meditation and different styles too.
  7. Set up a space that is your sacred zone   If you have a set space for your meditation practice it can be your ‘go to’ and you are more likely to make a regular practice happen. It could be a chair in the corner of your bedroom or a cushion somewhere.
  8. Be aware that meditation can be done anywhere   Sure it’s ideal to have a beautifully quiet sanctuary for your regular practice of meditation but in no way is it essential. Using headphones if you’re doing a guided meditation can work if you can’t escape noise.
  9.  Find a meditation centre for learning how to meditate   Jump online and search the internet for somewhere you can go to learn meditation face to face or an online course if there isn’t any other option.
  10.  Make a list of your excuses, reasons why you think you can’t meditate daily     Do this and then list the things you can do to negate those excuses.
  11.  Join a daily meditation challenge to hold you accountable Google ‘daily meditation challenge‘ and find one that clicks with you.
  12.  Get a friend to join you on your daily meditation challenge and set yourselves a reward for achieving a set number of days.
  13.  Set a reminder in your phone for your daily meditation practice and treat it like a very important meeting that cannot be cancelled.

Habits take practice and practice makes perfect! Once you’ve found a style of practice you like schedule it in your calendar and JUST MEDITATE!

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