Want more in your life but less too?

If you’re running on empty and juggling ALL the balls, I’m here to help.

With Workshops to Master Monthly Meal Planning, Group Coaching programmes, 1 on 1 coaching to give you undivided attention and get fast results and Mountain Bike Retreats for women there’s a place for you.

Not everything has been added to these pages yet but if there’s something you’re interested in or you’d like to book a FREE 30 minute session with me I’m right here (if I’m not out mountain biking in the Karratha hills)!


|| I am an adventurous soul, full of curiosity

|| I’m a West Australian that’s travelled to 23 countries and lived in England, Scotland, Cornwall and New South Wales

|| I’ve tramped some awesome trails in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England and the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the US

|| I meditate every day, sometimes just with ‘3 sighs’, sometimes for lots longer

|| I’ve been called ‘Miss Positivity’ and have an innate ability to find a silver lining in everything

|| I ride bikes – mountain biking is one of my big passions and I ride nearly every day

|| I’ve spent an amazing 4 years living in a remote location in the North West of Western Australia, 15 hours by car from the nearest Capital City

|| I love to cook and live to eat; real food as close to nature as possible and full of deliciousness

|| I’ve conquered my fear of public speaking and it’s one of my fave things now

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