You’ve entered The Lilac Lounge, where I show you ways to navigate life’s crazy busy-ness and find the awesome in YOU, laced with enthusiasm and adventure.

Welcome to the place to find your awesome!

  The Lilac Lounge illuminates ways to face your fears and manage your busyness.

You’re here because you’re ready to move outside your comfort zone and move from being ‘crazy busy’ to being ‘enjoyable busy’. You want to be your most fabulous self and live the life you want now! You and I have loads in common.

Deep down, you know you are awesome and you want to show that to the world kicking off with some self-nurturing.

You want to be fitter, wealthier, healthier and more adventurous.

I’m here to show you fantastic ways to find your awesomeness. Ways that work for you. You will be an even more amazing YOU by connecting with

The Lilac Lounge.

I’m Lifestyle Coach & Nourishment Specialist and also a writer, public speaker, mentor and mountain bike trail blazer.

I’m a highlighter of fab ways to smash the stress out of your life and amplify your awesomeness.

My mission is to illuminate ways for you to manage the hurdles of life and do more of what you love.


I want to help you achieve your mission and I’m looking for amazing souls that are ready to face their fears and rock their world.

You are enthusiastic and looking to find more ways to get the most out of your life.

I’ve re-invented myself and have helped loads of people to navigate life’s busy-ness. I know first-hand what it takes.

The place for you is The Lilac Lounge, where we can connect and you can join the most fabulous tribe of women who’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.

Come on in and very soon you’ll be oozing with awesomeness in the most delicious way.


My commitment to you

Join me at The Lilac Lounge where fabulous souls just like you have found new and exciting ways to nourish themselves.

I am dedicated to directing you to find amazing and fun ways to nourish yourself and face your fears.

PREPARE to find your awesomeness.

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