Life is all about phases. Sometimes we want the phases to last forever and other times we are thankful that the phase is about to end!

It’s a year since my Mum died. Six weeks since one of my oldest best friends died. My husband has had a Birthday, of which we’ve celebrated 25 together and we went camping over Easter. Our girls are 10 and 12, the phase where they both love camping is sadly coming to an end. How grateful I am that they had the experience to camp.

‘Being’ is rare in our busy lives.

Camping is a fabulous escape and a wonderful way to facilitate living in the moment. A great place to be when it’s the first anniversary of one of the saddest days of my life. To heal from losing a beautiful friend.

Sharing time with family and friends with no distraction is deluxe.

My favourite type of camping is without power and out of mobile range. No temptations! Where I can talk and listen without distraction. Where I can swim when I’m hot and sit by the campfire when I’m cold. Where there are no shops.

At Easter, watching the full moon rise is beautiful.  The star gazing is incredulous. The conversations around the campfire are invigorating.

This kind of camping energises my soul.

My 12 year old daughter says she ‘hates’ camping, it’s boring, she says. Oh to be bored! She survived and no doubt when she’s an adult she will be grateful for the experience that she had to ‘suffer’ through.

It’s a mission to pack for camping. To set up, to pack up. For me that effort is totally worth it. We don’t rough it when we camp, aside from no power.

We eat beautiful food at a table with a tablecloth and candles. I drink champagne. We toast absent friends.

I am forever grateful for my parents sharing the phase in their life where they took their 3 daughters camping. Trips to the middle of nowhere to experience amazing things.

Through my childhood and into adulthood, I thought everyone went camping. Or at least had experienced it once or twice. Today, I dropped my 10 year old daughters friend home and she asked me how our camping trip was. Fabulous, I shared and then asked her if she had been camping. No, never, she replied! Oh my goodness. NEVER? I now feel compelled to take her with us on our next trip.

Camping is an experience everyone should try, at least once. No power, no internet, no mobiles. The opportunity to ‘be’ without distraction.

To experience nature first hand. To learn patience and tolerance. To star gaze whilst sitting by a camp fire.

Above all, my recent camping trip helped me slow down. To embrace life and take time to reflect on the loss of two really important people. To celebrate the moments we are so blessed to have and to remind ourselves of the importance to live in the here and now.