How to conquer anything in life requires us to face our fears. Whether it’s climbing a hill on a bike when you’ve never done it before. Or you’ve done it and didn’t make it the first time. Conquering stuff will only happen if we make an effort to try it in the first place. And if it doesn’t work the first time to get back up and try it again.

‘What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?’ ~ VINCENT VAN GOGH

A hill climbing challenge is happening at my local Mountain Bike Club. I live where it’s fairly flat. There’s one big hill, ‘College Hill’, and it’s a challenge. Eroded and rocky, smooth in parts. Super steep in parts. A little downhill section on the way up. It takes around 5 -6 minutes to climb on a mountain bike if your’e pedalling constantly.

It hurts. Your legs scream. Your lungs scream.

Your front wheel wants to lift off the ground. Your back wheel sometimes loses traction. You have to pick a line, because of the erosion. You don’t always make it up in one hit.

Why bother conquering this hill? Because the downhill run is awesome. Because the adrenalin stays with you for days – making it to the top (even if you can’t keep pedalling all the way). Because the view is deluxe, especially at dawn and dusk. And because if you can conquer climbs like this, it can teach you how to conquer any curveball life throws at you.

Grab your smartphone or a pen and paper and type/write down your excuses.

Invalid reasons that are purely excuses and won’t get you places; I’m not fit enough. I hate climbing. I won’t make it. I’ll embarrass myself. I’m scared of downhills. I need a better bike. It will hurt.
Valid reasons; I’m in Sydney. I have 7 kids to look after. I have broken ribs/neck/back.

hill climbing pic






The only way to get better at something you don’t think you’re good at is to keep doing it. The only way to conquer something you’ve never tried before is to show up.

I’ve chatted to lots of people at the top of College Hill and not one person has said they wished they stayed at home. The smiles on their faces speak volumes!

My first attempt was amusing (in hindsight). I hadn’t been mountain biking long. I cried. I swore. I pushed my bike most of the way. I went back for more. It wasn’t easy but it was fun and with persistence you can achieve anything. The only way to overcome your fears is to face them, head on.

It’s a whole lot of awesome.

‘It will hurt. But it won’t kill you’ ~ MARCUS SPEED