20 things you didn’t know about me

Can you come up with 20 things that people may not know about you? What a challenge and a fantastic ‘pause for applause’ at how much has happened in life.

Highly recommended, try it for yourself. It doesn’t have to be blogged, you could just write it on a piece of paper and share with friends.

Here goes mine!

I am……


1. Cut my 3 yo sisters hair, dramatically and traumatically, when I was 5

2. Camped in a tent in the snow in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia


3. Taught swimming teaching and worked as a lifeguard at an Open Air (heated) pool in London with days that were sub zero (celsius)

4. Hiked for 10 days on Stewart Island, New Zealand’s 3rd Island on it’s southern tip. No shops between day 1 and 10!

5. Cross country and downhill skied in Canada in -26 degrees weather, saw my first moose

6. Got stuck in Yellowstone NP with a frozen fuel line the day before the park closed for the winter. Didn’t know you needed anti-freeze in the fuel! We were towed out.

7. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and stayed overnight before a very challenging hike out!

8. Spent my childhood (Mum, Dad and my 2 younger sisters) camping every school holidays in the middle of nowhere, all over Western Australia

9. Travelled to 23 countries and all Australian States and territories:- England (6x), Indonesia, Malaysia, Scotland (4x), Wales, Ireland, France (4x), Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand!


10. Hiked the Cape to Cape (south Western Australia) walking trail (200km) and biked the Cape to Cape mountain bike trail – a 200km, 4 day stage race


11. Attended 1 year of art classes, portrait and watercolour

12. Taken part in a cooking class in London and many in Perth. Own more than 50 cook books and love sharing food with family and friends.


13. Worked as a Podiatrist in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. Also in London and Cornwall, southern England.

14. Worked on a goldmine in Wiluna, the epitome of the ‘middle of nowhere’ in Western Australia.

15. Could live happily without a TV


16. Attended 2 public speaking courses to overcome my fear of public speaking. My first test was a 2 minute speech in front of 250 peers after winning ‘best new business’ award, not knowing if I’d won until the gala event.

17. Been with my wonderful husband for  24 years and have 2 beautiful daughters


18. Learnt to speak kindly to myself and quieten my ‘inner critic’ that often tries to tell me how crap I am. I meditate daily to assist being kind to myself.

19. Have had an amazing Turkish Bath (twice) at 1000 year old premises in Turkey

20. Remained calm when, in -20 degrees celcius (Rocky mountains, Canada) I was sleeping in a van and got a metal torch stuck to my tongue. Whilst getting ready for bed, I put the torch in my mouth so I could be hands free. It had to be peeled off and I’m forever grateful that tastebuds grow back!

Now it’s your turn. See how many you can get in just 10 minutes. Have fun!

Facing Fears

Laughing at myself about how many times (or maybe years) I have procrastinated about starting this blog.  Here I am and I’m excited !

So many ideas – what to blog about, who to target to, how specific should it be, what to call it, how to choose a blog host, then a template…

To those of you that are still procrastinating, heed the words ‘done is better than perfect’.

To those of you who have your blog up and running, congrats!

What an awesome effort, you deserve accolades, take a ‘pause for applause’.

‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ – by Susan Jeffers is a great resource if you find yourself procrastinating like I did, to get some techniques on how to take action.

Start with 10 minutes. Set a timer and get cracking. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 10 minutes.

My friend asked me today how my blog was going. I shared that I chosen the name 10 days ago and outlined what the content would be. I told her I hadn’t had time to do any more, I truly believed I hadn’t ‘had’ time to ‘make’ time.

This was after I realised I was surfing Facebook for 10 minutes just prior to saying I didn’t have time; reality check!

If you haven’t started the blog that you have been thinking about for ages, make it happen. Be accountable. If you have a blog, applaud yourself that you made it happen and get writing on another post. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I can’t stop smiling and I’m feeling fantastic about the evolution of ‘Lilac Lounge’. (more…)