Design your life the way you want it

Round 3 MTB race
This story is about design. Designing your life the way you want it. This is a story of a day in a life that I am designing. Some of it I already do and some I am still aspiring to. Go deep within as you read and ask yourself what your ideal day looks like. 

Feeling grateful to be alive, I place my feet on the soft rug beside my bed and take three long breaths, absorbing the sounds around me. I hear the birds singing to the morning glory and our dog wagging his tail, excited like me, to be awake.

I stretch as I stand and sweep my arms above my head, yawning whilst moving into an awakening yoga pose.  Gracefully,  at the thought of the day ahead, I walk down the hallway into the kitchen, dimly lit from the lamp in the lounge and the moonlight shining in through the open windows.

As I turn the kettle on for the first cup of my favourite Japanese tea of the day, I smile again, knowing I will soon be on my mountain bike for a sunrise ride on the fabulous trails that begin only minutes from my door. Sunrise mountain bike rides are so good for my soul. A fabulous way to start another incredible day. 

Sitting for my morning meditation before I embark on the outdoors, I breathe deeply, connecting to the earth. I sit peacefully for five minutes and visualise my day going perfectly. The people I will meet, the connections I will make, the impact I will have. I think about how I want to feel and what I need to do for that to be real.

My mountain bike is set up ready to go, itching to hit the dirt trails just minutes from my door. The cool air increases my wakefulness and I can’t help smiling. Doing what I love. Early mornings and mountain bike riding. I ride the trails as they come in whichever direction my bike takes me. I stop a few times to absorb the view and take in the sunrise. Wondering  could ever tire of a sunrise.

CH sunrise

Meandering home after ninety minutes on the rocky, red dirt trails I arrive home to be greeted by my dog eagerly awaiting his morning walk. We head to the park for a lap and a good run with other dogs out for their morning walk. Breakfast calls. One of my favourite places is in the kitchen. I whip up a storm of poached eggs, mushrooms and spinach on fresh rye sourdough, a pot of French Earl Grey tea to quench my thirst. Y.U.M.

After a shower, much needed to wash the red dust from my legs, I prepare for my morning of creativity. I light a candle, diffuse some calming essential oils and sit down to create. I work to a timer, twenty-five minutes on with a five minute break to stretch, connect to my heart with breath and make a(nother) cup of tea.

My grumbling tummy tells me it’s lunch time and I create a beautiful meal, full of vibrant colours and nourishment. I eat outside in the fresh air, enjoying the warm breeze. I spend some time reading my book before a twenty-minute nap to restore and refresh.

With work done for the day, it’s time to enjoy my afternoon, creating a delicious afternoon tea for my daughters and husband as they arrive home. We sit down together and share the highs of the day, with joy and laughter.

While the girls are at dance class I take thirty minutes for a relaxing, online yoga class in my room with a view over the hills. Time for a long meditation after yoga and then a catch up with a friend, via Skype, I haven’t spoken to in ages.

Meal prep time for dinner, to create food to share and nurture our souls followed by time to relax and enjoy the evening doing whatever I please. Read, create, listen to music, share a cuppa with my husband. Lay on the bed chatting to my teenagers. Cuddle the dog. Star gaze. Do things that give me joy.

Now it’s time for sleep, to regenerate for eight hours of peaceful slumber before dawn arrives. I set up lavender oil to diffuse, do a short meditation for deep sleep and whilst the oil fills the room drink a calming cup of tea, whilst reading another chapter of the novel I am enjoying.

I lay down to sleep feeling peaceful and relaxed, knowing I spent my day combining doing and being. I connected with those that I love and had time to nurture and nourish family, friends and myself. I smile and pause for applause at the life I have created, by design, ready to rest my body and mind for the day ahead. Rinse and repeat.


I’d love you to share a brief or detailed description of your ideal day. What a world it would be if we all lived the lives we dream of. Let’s work together to make those dreams a reality. Tell me your take on the ideal day in your life.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

What is a ‘freedom lifestyle’ and why would you want one?

‘Freedom lifestyle’, what does ‘freedom lifestyle’ even mean? This is a term I wasn’t even familiar with until a few years ago but even then I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me. Too many limiting self-beliefs. Freedom lifestyle is for ‘other’ people, braver, smarter, cleverer people who know exactly what they want. ‘Other’ people who know how to do business. I grew up believing I would be successful if I got a University degree. So I did.

A long time ago I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Podiatry) and have always worked for myself solving peoples foot problems. Am I successful? It depends what you think defines success. I draw a weekly wage as a sole trader, live a comfortable lifestyle and work part time. That all sounds rosy and I enjoyed Podiatry for a long time, contributing to peoples happiness by solving their foot and leg pain problems.

Working part time meant I had freedom to some extent. To spend time with my family and see friends inside the normal 9-5 hours. In the last half a decade it has meant I could mountain bike for 2 hours a day and race competitively, when travel allowed it. It didn’t give me an income to do as I would like to and I stopped loving what I did. I still work as Podiatrist and I love helping people. I just know that there is more. That I am here on the planet to help people realise they can have a freedom lifestyle too.

Without awareness I was on the treadmill of life. Week in, week out doing the same thing. Mostly happy but not aware there could be more. A life with less stress and more freedom. I was sick of the stress I felt when every bill arrived or holiday came around and I had to take (unpaid) time off work. Would there be enough money to pay for it all? I never had clarity over where the money was going. That is no way to live and it is a long way from freedom.

Blogging introduced me to another world. A passionate world full of self-belief. People, similar to me, out there doing what they love and enjoying a freedom lifestyle. What a revelation! Attending the Problogger Event conference in Australia, two years running instilled a new level of self-belief.

If ‘they’ could do it, so could I.

So what is the freedom lifestyle, why do I want in and why should you join me?

A freedom lifestyle means living a life that is self-designed. Saying yes to things you love and no to things you don’t. Where you choose what is going to be part of your every day and how you spend the one hundred and sixty-eight hours you have each week.

You have a choice how you spend your time.

Yes, some of it is non-negotiable but you have a choice the majority of it. We are solely responsible for how we fill our days and change is possible. Having a freedom lifestyle means choosing to fit in more recreation in every single day, where ‘work’ is what you love and doesn’t consume your life.

My goal is to live relating to how I want to feel. With a freedom lifestyle I will go to bed every night with a satisfied smile on my face, feeling peaceful and delighted with life.  I want to know that I am fulfilling my purpose on this planet and I am inspiring other people to do the same. I want that for you too. It won’t happen overnight and it’s not a destination like a train station, where you arrive and that’s it. It’s a journey and I’m in for the ride.

What are you going to do so you can join me on the journey to a freedom lifestyle?

I’m starting by designing my week and adding more of the fun stuff that I love doing. I’m also setting a ‘one thing’ I want to achieve each year that’s a BIG thing to help me towards living a freedom lifestyle. You can read about the challenges I face saying yes to more of what I want here. They might be challenges you face too. I’ve thrown is some solutions for you to overcome those challenges and join me on the journey to a freedom lifestyle. Doing this together is going to be fun. It’s going to take both of us outside our comfort zone and it’s ok because it’s where the magic happens.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2