What an amazing impact we can have on other people’s lives (and our own), in such a positive way. Ever thought about the ripple effect? It’s such an unknown. We can’t know the effect we create and how far those ripples will go but we can know it exists and believe in it. It changes lives, for the better.

Only recently did I become consciously aware of ‘The Ripple Effect’ at a fabulous talk by Christine McKee, author of ‘How I be is up to me’ and founder of ‘The Be Institute’. As Christine says, when talking of the ripple effect, we need to understand that everything we do affects the bigger picture.

Think of this in a small way, such as how we respond when someone greets us. ‘How are you?’; the impact of our response can be profound and have a negative or a positive impact that can stay with the person who asked the question in the first place, for hours. If we respond with ‘ I’m really great thanks’, despite the fact that we may have had a crap nights sleep and moved mountains to get out the door that day, it will be uplifting for you and the receiver. That simple response can have a profound impact. If we respond with  something negative and go on into a speel about how terrible things are, we deflate ourselves, let alone others.

Sharing happiness and laughter, even if that’s not what we’re feeling like inside can change the moment. That moment can change the day and everyone we cross paths with.

Quiet words of encouragement to someone can have a flow on effect that can be really powerful. Sharing knowledge is also extremely powerful in it’s ability to improve lives.

Hang out with people who inflate you, who make you feel good. People that deflate you are not fun to be around and that’s not your responsibility! Notice your body posture when you’re feeling deflated, even your tone of voice changes. The ripple effect then impacts in a negative way and it’s not much fun.  We can only change ourselves, as frustrating as that may be.

Staying in our comfort zone is very cosy. It’s ‘comfortable’ and easy but it doesn’t help us grow and improve our lives.

Become conscious of ‘The Ripple Effect’ and the impact that everything we do and say can have, not just on others but also within us.

Tell someone close to you how wonderful they are and what they mean to you, today. Try a different response when greeting someone. Notice how you feel with the people around you. Be a part of the ripple effect and help change lives, including yours.

‘If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito’

Share a story in the comments, below, of a time where the ripple effect has had an impact on your life.