How many times in conversation do you hear the word should? ‘I know I should exercise more’; I should  eat better; I should spend less; I should go to bed earlier. Have you heard yourself say should today? If not you, then definitely a friend or colleague.

‘There is nothing so trying in life as the tyranny of the shoulds’

I’m trying to drop the word should from my vocabulary. To think consciously and replace it with could . To realise that I am doing enough and if I find myself wanting to use the word should,  to recognise it. To be in the present moment and realise I am enough. 

 Our modern lives are busy. We push ourselves to do so much. Why are we constantly expecting more of ourselves? I’m blown away when I hear statistics of how many times a day we put ourselves down internally.

The incessant chatter in our heads can be relentless.

Awareness of negative self talk is a huge milestone in achieving a happier life and a calmer, more complete YOU. If you find yourself saying ‘I should go to the gym more often’, stop and ask yourself why. Is it achievable? How much do you want to change? Try altering the wording to ‘I could go to the gym more often if I wanted to, it’s not a priority at the moment’.

Catch yourself whenever you hear the word should come into your vocab, whether it’s verbally or internally.

Self expectations have a lot to answer for! Take the pressure off. You are enough, right here, right now.