Always been envious of people that can get up when they wake up AND be cheery and bright in the mornings? It IS possible to become a morning person. Change does require a bit of effort on your part, there’s no miracle answer. Here’s some ideas that will help create that change you know you want.

How you wake up and how you spend your mornings, has a direct impact on your entire day.

1. If nothing changes, things will stay the same! 

You can’t suddenly set your alarm for an earlier time in the morning and expect habits to change just-like-that. It won’t work. The first step is to accept that some things will need to give.

2. Set your intention

You must have a reason for getting up earlier than your current ‘normal’. Do you want to get up earlier so you have a relaxed morning? Add some exercise to your day? Get on top of your paperwork? Cope with kids that are early risers? Do an ‘at home’ yoga class or a guided meditation (I use  and love Without an intention you will find change almost impossible.

3. Write your intention down and plan a reward 

Did you know you are 80% more likely to make change happen if you write down your goal? SMART goals do really work. Write it down but remember to be realistic and specific. e.g. I will get up at 5am every weekday and go to bed by 9 pm every week night. 

Set your goal and also write down how you will reward yourself when you have achieved a milestone. It could be a gift to yourself; doing something you rarely give yourself permission to do; a massage or perhaps something you haven’t tried before – Bowen therapyReiki. ..think outside the square!

4. Your morning is very dependent on how you spend your evening

If you want to get up at 5am feeling refreshed or even just OK, going to bed at 11pm (or later) after hours of TV or computer use, isn’t going to cut it.

5. Count backwards

Work out what time you need to get to work/kids to school/out the door and count backwards. Make time for breakfast. Then work out what time you need to go to bed, allowing for 7-8 hours sleep most nights (we know what is ideal for us individually, if we are honest with ourselves).

6. Get ready for the morning the night before

I bike ride most mornings, getting up at 5am. This seemed impossible to me just over a year ago but I’ve surprised myself! Getting my stuff out the night before makes a big difference.  I also try and prep snacks and lunch for my work day. Mornings are so much more enjoyable these days. Yes, it takes effort but YES, it’s worth it!

7. Curfew on electronics/TV the night before, at least 30 minutes before bedtime

This IS important but only if you really want to create change and to feel GREAT with your new morning routine! Write down what time you will get off your phone/computer/TV and think about how you will relax before bed, after you are ready for the morning.

8. Be kind to yourself

You’re not going to suddenly become a morning person overnight. It takes time and there’ll be hurdles along the way. You can do it; believe it’s possible and value the importance of sleep and making time for YOU.  The things we think we ‘must’ do before bed really can wait. The world will go on.  Intention and preparation. It works!

Give it a try, you never know what might happen.