irises with waterdops

When was the last time you stopped and celebrated all the things you have achieved. In a day, week, month or even year?

It’s ok not to be doing all the time. Really. Truly. OK. It’s ok to get to the end of the day without ticking all the boxes on your to do list.

Let me share with you the importance of Pausing for Applause. This modern life can be really crazy, if you let it. You are in control and you need to say no to the stuff you want less of in your life. This means you make space to say YES to the stuff you want more of. Fact.

Pausing for Applause is a term I learnt from my fabulous Business Coach @ Zest e-Biz. At the beginning of each session we would sit together and Kylah would ask me what went well. Most times, I would rock up my headspace filled with all the things I DIDN’T do. What a great way NOT to start a session. My Pause for Applause list blew me away EVERY time.

Without thinking about it, it’s (sadly) natural to focus on the negative. With a little bit of effort, celebrating what you do well can easily be achieved and it is life changing. It seriously is!

Coming to terms with your self-expectation levels is another do-able thing. My coach recently got me to fill in a calendar (I use Google Calendar) with what my week looks like. Then to do another one with my ideal week. We then worked on what needs to go.

What can you let go of? Sure, there’s some things you don’t enjoy that it’s not possible to let go of but there is always something you can.

Applaud yourself often. Once a day at the very least. Set a timer on your phone and/or a date in your calendar to stop and celebrate your successes. Including the little things.

Here is a sample list for you. Get creative :-


     Nourished my body with nutritious food

     Gave self permission to live the 80/20 rule with what I eat (every day food vs sometimes food)

     Spent quality time with peops that lift me up

     Took time out (even just for ten minutes – less is ok too)


     Gave self permission to do nothing

     Got up when alarm went off (no snooze)!

     Moved my body with exercise

     Survived the day (sometimes this is a major achievement)

     Had a difficult conversation

     Practised being mindful


     Loved x

The things you can put on your list are endless. Writing them down in a journal has the biggest impact. Have a notepad and pen by your bed and make it the last thing you do before you are horizontal. Make it a habit and the benefits will be a whole lot of awesome.

Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward

If daily ‘Pausing for Applause’ seems too much of a challenge right now make it weekly. Zest e-Biz post weekly Pause for Applause shout outs on Facebook. A ‘what are you most proud of achieving this week’ post. Check Zest e-Biz out on FB here.

In the Lifestyle coaching sessions I deliver, we start the session with a ‘Pause for Applause’ because I loved doing this so much myself. We go through what you achieved since your last session. My clients will often come into the room and the first thing they say is ‘I haven’t done much since our last session’ just as I did. Once we go through the list of things they have achieved they are really surprised.

Focus on the good things and remember that everything happens when it’s meant to. Trust!

Next time you find yourself thinking that your ‘To Do’ list is never ending and you feel that you never achieve anything, take some time out and PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE. Because you are amazing and you are enough just as you are.

I’d love you to share 3 Pauses for Applause in the last week. Let’s create a ripple effect through sharing some inspiration. Easy peasy.